About Us

The company "MMD SERVISS" started activity on Baltic market since 1996 year. The basic business direction of our company is operations related to customs and excise warehouses, providing custom broker services in Baltic, railway expedition of different types of cargos:
• Customs and excise services: cargo loading/unloading, registration, inspection, marking, affixing of duty stamps, printing and labelling extra stickers, cargo storage
• Custom broker services: Import/Export customs formalities, TIR, CMR, RWBill, T1 declaration
• Railway expedition: railway tariff rate calculation, cargo tracking, cargo insurance, customs electronic declaration.

"MMD SERVISS" warehouses are located in Latvia, Riga (also at the Freeport of Riga territory). It gives a possibility to operate with containers shipments in optimal way and provide fast and quality service. Our company have the following licenses:
• Customs warehouse
• Excise warehouse
"MMD Serviss" has obtained the recognized licence of an importer, exporter and local customs agent conforming with the quality management system ISO 9000, which in its turn allows the warehouse operator to perform all the required customs (EX, IM, T1) formalities with the assistance of its own customs specialists.

Total warehouses area is more than 35 000 m2 for storage and operation. The warehouses comply with the requirements of the Food and Veterinary Service.
"MMD Serviss" possesses all the necessary warranties and guarantees for servicing customs and excise goods
"MMD Serviss" working hours are arranged using client requirements and the customs regime allows working 24 hours during the week without weekends. 



Warehouses are equipped with the following security systems:
• electronic entrance and exit control
• motion detectors
• video surveillance cameras
• fire safety systems (hydrants)
• alarm system


In case you are interested in our services please contact us to get detailed information.